I believe that when the gods crave something good, they eat a tart. And not just any tart, but one full, full of greens. Who am I to oppose the lust of the gods and contradict them ?! In these conditions, today we serve a tart loaded with greens and fresh cow cheese.

– numar portii: 10
– nivel dificultate: mediu
– durata: 1h30

For the crust:
– 250g almond flour
– 45g chilled butter
- 1 egg
For the filling
- 2 eggs
– 350g fresh cow cheese
– 200g raw spinach
- 1 zucchini
- 1 sprig of green onion
- 1 bunch of raw dill
- 80g cheese
- optionally, half a potato for decoration
- salt

First and foremost, we deal with the tart crust. It is prepared in a bowl in which we mix the almond flour, a little, butter and 1 egg. We work with the dough without insisting too much, we are interested in obtaining a hard crust, which we wrap in plastic wrap and put in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, chop the spinach, onion and dill. The zucchini is sliced ​​as thin as possible, and we put the cheese through the grater. Perfect!
In a bowl, mix the cheese, eggs, onion, dill, spinach and a little salt until smooth. I'm telling you, this is the time for using your hands. Don't be shy!

When the 30 minutes have passed, turn on the oven to 180 degrees Celsius, take the dough out of the fridge and spread it in a tart shape in which we placed baking paper. Bake the crust for 10 minutes.

Remove the tray and place the zucchini on the bottom of it, followed by the filling prepared above and if you want a decorative element, you can arrange a few slices of potato on the edges of the tray. Put the tart back in the oven for 1 hour at 180 degrees, and to golden it, we leave it for another 10-15 minutes at 220 degrees. A delight, I swear!

It does not need accompaniment, because it incorporates everything that is best in summer: freshness, aroma, tenderness! It's a feast after it has cooled down, but if it's a must, a few slices of smoked ham and a tomato will not kill anyone.

This recipe contains ingredients delivered by https://forfresh.ro/. I used eggs, dairy and greens received from them. The eggs are colorful, just like those of the village hens. About the Pecica cheese I really appreciated the fact that it was dense and did not contain much whey, so the tart filling came out creamy. The greens are the ones that gave flavor to the tart and perfected it.